Feeding the Multitudes

Providing Hope

Changing Lives

Feeding the Multitudes is an annual outreach event where churches from all denominations come together to provide a bag of unprepared food to feed a family of five during the Thanksgiving Holiday. Most importantly the church shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ and offers hope through prayer and encouragement. If your church would like to be a host church please email Jeff Peacock  at jeff@godobe.org.

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Reach Out

Work with members of the Body of Christ and make a difference.

    Houston County, AL

    Coffee County, AL


       dale County, AL

 Pinckard Baptist Church

    Geneva County, AL

 Shady Grove

Assembly of God

Feeding the Multitudes 2013 was awesome!

Here are some of the results:

Over 30 salvations!

Over 6000 people heard the Gospel!

Hundreds come for prayer!

3600 Bible distributed!

3600 Bags of Food Distributed!

Enough food to feed 18,000 people!

Over 45,000 lbs. of food distributed!

Below are 2013 host churches.