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Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see the answer to your question below? Contact Dr. Simmons directly.

Is there a training menu or do you develop custom training content?

BOTH! Dr. Simmons has a training menu, provided during consultation calls AND she develops custom training content for individuals and groups.   Schedule a training consultation meeting to discuss further.

Where does Dr. Simmons host training sessions?

VIRTUAL training sessions are facilitated via Google Meets or WebEx unless the client has access to another preferred platform (e.g. Zoom).  

For INDIVIDUAL in-person training sessions, Dr. Simmons or the client can identify a private space for training (i.e. outside of the client's home) in Arizona


For GROUP in-person training sessions, the individual requesting group training is responsible for identifying and/or providing the space for training in Arizona.


In-Person training requests outside of Arizona must cover the cost travel & accommodations for Dr. Simmons. 

What's the difference between coaching & individual therapy (IT)?

Coaching players and therapy (IT) clients can share overlapping experiences but the biggest differences are: 1) session focus and 2) facilitator permissions (directive/non-directive).

Players team up with Dr. Simmons in 1:1 coaching to identify & resolve behaviors impacting progress toward their goals. Coaching sessions are led by a "Game Plan," to help players reach a clear goal, within a specific timeframe. Coaching sessions do not focus on mental health disorders or result in a diagnosis.  Dr. Simmons is also directive with players; coaches can give advice (and they may choose not to).  

IT clients connect with Dr. Simmons to reflect on how their experiences impact their (mental, physical, spiritual) well-being and explore current symptoms that may be indicative of mental health disorders. Therapy sessions are led by a client's "Treatment Plan" (which typically include a clinical diagnosis).  IT seeks to relieve symptoms, boost client insight, and provide space to consider  acting on renewed insight to improve well-being. Dr. Simmons is non-directive with IT clients. Therapists do not give advice.  

Do you accept insurance for therapy (IT) clients?

Unfortunately, no.  Dr. Simmons is only accepting private pay clients for individual therapy.  If costs are a concern, ask about "sliding scale" fee options during your Discovery Call.

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