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Let us support you or your group with E4T's robust training, speaking, and wellness service options.  Consultations calls are complementary and time-limited. 


Discovery Call - 1:1 Therapy or Coaching Clients only

FREE 15 min phone call to discuss logistics & determine if Dr. Simmons is the right fit for you. 


1:1 Coaching Session - New Player

1:1 coaching session for new (first-time) players who'd like to expand their perspective, change behaviors, and move closer to their goals.
Accepting New Players - All Locations (18+)  
Length: 1.5 hours
Cost: $225


1:1 Coaching Session - Returning Player

1:1 coaching session for returning players who have established a "Game Plan" with Dr. Simmons.  New (first-time) coaching clients will book a "New Player" session.
Length: 45mins
Cost: $100


Individual Therapy Session (Utah Residents only)

Individual therapy (IT) sessions are telehealth counseling for clients curious about if/how their current functioning may be linked to specific mental health disorders. 
Accepting Clients - Utah residents only (18+) 
Length: 50 mins
Cost: $200


Consultation - Training/Speaking Requests

FREE 15 min phone call to determine your training needs or discuss details of your request. 


Training Request - Single Session

One-time training requests are great for individuals or groups looking to expand their knowledge on a specific topic or for getting a sense of Dr. Simmons' facilitation style with your group.  

Hourly Rate: $225


Training Request - Multi Session

Multi-session trainings requests are great for groups (small or large) who are building or refining their culture.  Dr. Simmons will develop a training schedule considering current group dynamics, goals for enhancing group cohesion, and improving productivity. 

Hourly Rate: $200


Speaking Request (In-Person, Hybrid, or Online)

These requests are for keynote talks, guest feature on panels, or other non-training speaking engagements.

Hourly Rate: Varies - Schedule Consult 


Educational Consultation

These requests are for academic researchers and educational leaders who would like support with active research projects, publications, and/or initiatives to promote student/learner success.

Hourly Rate: Varies - Schedule Consult 

Schedule Services

Interested in scheduling a service? 

Contact Dr. Simmons via email to schedule

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